Fight against Covid-19. 1

2nd Special Flight 25/26 July (since operated) 1

Special Flight 19/20 June (since operated) 1

Hub and Spoke. 1

Next Special Flight (no plans yet) 1

Proposals from Interesting Chartering Entities. 2

Undertaking before boarding the Special Flight 2



Fight against Covid-19


All background information / guidelines / private charter forms and format / recordings of webinars held may be seen at:


2nd Special Flight 25/26 July (since operated)

One special flight Dakar > New Delhi on 25/26 June was successfully operated repatriating 133 stranded Indian nationals (details here:

PressRelease Coordination/background)


Special Flight 19/20 June (since operated)

One special flight Dakar > New Delhi on 19/20 June was successfully operated repatriating 140 stranded Indian nationals (details here: and

here )


Hub and Spoke


For returning to India via third country e.g. Paris / Dubai etc, please check details from your travel agent.


Some information from open sources, and thus not necessarily authentic, are included at for general awareness.


Next Special Flight (no plans yet)

There are no Special Repatriation Flights planned by Embassy of India in Dakar / GoI in the near future. However, those interested in such a flight may for information of the Embassy).


That being said, those still needing to return to India are welcome to register here

keeping in mind the following:


-there are no plans yet for any second special flight

-3rd repatriation special flight, if at all, would have to be conceptualized, proposed and run by an interested Chartering Entity which could be any company with sizeable Indian workforce, travel / tour agencies, Indian association etc.

-data gathered via registration form is needed by interested Chartering Entities to assess viability of any flight. Based on this they would be able to make proposal to the Embassy for chartering a private flight to repatriate the stranded Indians.

-Embassy's role is limited to processing any proposal received from a chartering entity to obtain necessary approvals.

-All discussions about ticket fare, cancellation, refund etc would have to be directly between the Chartering Entity and the passengers


Proposals from Interesting Chartering Entities


Those keen to run the private charter are welcome to send their proposals using form at


Undertaking before boarding the Special Flight

(It is mandatory for each passenger to sign the following undertaking before boarding the special flight)

Undertaking cum Indemnity Bond

given to the Embassy of India, Dakar, Senegal

by each passenger boarding
repatriation flight (Private Charter non-scheduled commercial flight)

(This form must be printed on a plain paper, signed, scanned and uploaded on the Google form collecting data from interested stranded Indians; original to be submitted at the time of check-in at the airport)


1.              I confirm my willingness to return to India by the captioned flight and undertake to abide by all instructions given by the officials of Government of India/ Embassy of India/ Aircraft Crew/ Medical Personnel on arrival including to:

a.     download Arogya Setu app on my mobile device;

b.     abide by Covid-19 health / hygiene guidelines (of social distancing, wearing mask, environmental hygiene, respiratory hygiene, hand hygiene) through-out (in buses / airports / in-flight / hotels etc).

2.              I also agree:

a.     to be quarantined in one of the facilities in Delhi, Delhi NCR or Haryana; or Bhiwadi or Chandigarh;

b.     to pay for my quarantine during the mandatory period of 14 days (7 days of paid institutional quarantine and 7 days of home quarantine;

c.     to not insist on returning to my state of domicile, (if quarantined in Delhi) before completing the mandatory period of quarantine; and,

d.     to return, after the quarantine period is over, to my state of domicile, making my own arrangements or through the arrangements facilitated by the Resident Commissioner/ nodal Officer of the concerned State.

3.              I fully understand that while travelling in the special chartered repatriation flight I may be inadvertently exposed to any infection, including COVID19 viruses, and having fully understood the risk to my person, I voluntarily give consent to travel to India in the special chartered repatriation flight. I undertake and agree that neither I nor my heirs nor my executors nor administrators will hold responsible Union of India, any official of Union of India or staff or airline or any my fellow passenger for any injury to me (including death) or loss of property due to any accidental exposure.

Signature with date)


Passport Number:

Mobile Number:

Email: .