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Embassy of India invites all concerned to a webinar

as per the details below:


Subject: Cooperation avenues in ___ sector- untapped opportunities and way forward


Context: The Indian ___ industry has _____. Given the priority placed by Senegal, The Gambia, Cabo Verde and Guinea Bissau, there is natural untapped synergy in the ___ sector that would be explored during the webinar. A specific background paper prepared based on open sources is included at ____


Date: _____


Time: 1030 Hrs GMT  = 1600 Hrs IST


Language: English (translation for French and Portuguese would be provided if needed)


Registration: ____ (the webinar registration link would be provided by the Embassy of India in Dakar and would collect from participants from India and from here details like their contacts, present business relations, interests, challenges faced, ideas for way forward etc).


Format/ Program*: as below-






Welcome address

Ambassador G  V Srinivas

5 minutes


Keynote presentation

Mr Sandeep Sood, Commercial Representative

10 minutes

EPC / Indian Trade body

Keynote presentation


10 minutes

Webinar attendees

QnA / comments



Trade and Economic Open House

Ambassador G  V Srinivas


*(Anyone keen to make a presentation may send the request along with soft-text gist of their presentation to amb.dakar@mea.gov.in for consideration and suitable inclusion in the program).


Invitees / stakeholders: all relevant to the webinar subject from government (both central as also regional ie provinces / states / cities); embassy, trade and industry including chambers and export promotion councils, academia, think tanks


How to join webinar: The video at https://youtu.be/IQ3Xwwgbd8Y would be useful to those attending webinar for the first time.  As can be seen from there, with webinar, one can join using internet connected computer / smartphone and not only speak over headphones but also make presentations.


Background / webinar documents / past webinar reports / participants lists: All these may be conveniently searched at https://asp.embassyofindiadakar.gov.in/eoia/aWn_list.asp