Embassy of India, Dakar: Access Control procedure

1.     All visitors to the Embassy would be received only through prior appointment (obtained by sending email to cons.dakar@mea.gov.in. Those in emergency / arriving unannounced must first WhatsApp/SMS Mr Khanna (+221 775 295 091) or Ambassador (+221 776 393 010).

2.     The above is true also of

a.      consular / passport / visa applicants who wish to submit their applications at the Embassy

b.     those who want to collect their documents from the Embassy, as also,

c.      Outsource service / technical personnel / visitors.

3.     Once at the Embassy for the appointment, the visitor must text to the number that had confirmed the appointment to alert the concerned officer to attend to the visitor.

4.     Appointment letter must be produced at the Embassy reception.

5.     Those with confirmed appointment letter will be allowed in the Embassy provided further that they (1) do not carry any big purses/ bags / objectionable material (2) conform to the local health / hygiene regulations

6.     Please note that Embassy does not have any storage facility.

7.     Mobile phones must be on silent mode. They must not be used while in the Embassy.