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Repatriation Flight Status update webinar, 2 PM GMT, 21 July 2020. 5

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Special Repatriation Flight Dakar > Mumbai/ Preliminary Proposal from CINDERELLA TRAVEL & TOURS (revised on 17 July 2020) 6

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2nd Repatriation Flight Dakar > New Delhi was run on 25 July. A press release issued may be seen at https://asp.embassyofindiadakar.gov.in/eoiaspHtml/VBMDakarDelhi25jul.htm

Repatriation Flight departure coordination, 25 July 2020

1.     If you are unable to travel (e.g. on turning Covid-19 positive following your tests or developing Covid-19 symptoms etc), please do alert Chartering Entity (Cinderella, Devender Singh Rathore, whatsapp +221 781 103 636) immediately.

2.     At the airport, please follow all the guidelines particularly Covid-19 related (that may involve social distancing, wearing mask, subjecting yourself to thermal scanner, demands to produce Covid-19 negative reports  etc).

3.     If you did not upload the undertaking / sent to to cons.dakar@mea.gov.in, do this urgently. You can scan and  whatsapp to +221 775 295 091. Please note that every passenger boarding the flight must have signed the undertaking, sent the scan to the Embassy (either uploaded earlier or emailed to cons.dakar@mea.gov.in or whatsapped to +221 775 295 091) and submitted the original at the time of check-in. Those who do not comply with this requirement could face problem on arrival in Delhi.

4.     At the Ethiopian airlines check-in counter, present (1) your valid passport (2) signed (as per your passport signature) and duly dated original undertaking.  (3) ticket issued by Chartering entity / any other reference confirming your seat. Please note that if you fail to submit any of these, you would not be allowed to board.

5.     There would be some blank undertaking forms at the Ethiopian counter for use by those who need them.

6.     Those who have expired passports, must immediately contact embassy sending WhatsApp to +221 775 295 091 for Emergency Certificate, to enable them travel home.  Please note that you may have to come to the Embassy in Plateau (which is 40 Kms from the airport), and thus factor in the time needed for this.

7.     Once you have boarding ticket from Ethiopian, Chartering Entity would provide you with some masks etc for your travel.

8.     Embassy would be providing assistance / guidance, if required, via online DVC from 2 PM till 5 PM; to join just click on: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/585681349


Coordination webinar, 22 July 2020, 4 PM GMT



Above webinar was held, recording may be seen here:



All may also see the FAQs as below.

Important notes:

-all 140 passengers must have Covid-19 negative test reports  (there could be rush at the Covid -19 test centers and thus all must plan for this immediately

- Embassy needs to send  48 hours before the scheduled departure (and thus before 6:30 PM GMT on 23 July 2020) the final passenger manifest. Cinderella must UPDATE LATEST BY 4 PM 23 JULY 2020 the final list (by entering at the final payments list the names of all, whether paid already or under commercial travel agreement and thus with assurance of payment). We would pull out the final list based on this PaymentList mapping it with the registration GoogleForm.




What is the status of approval to cross international land boundary into Senegal?

Guinea Bissau

Via MPACK, 22 July, 4 PM

The interim reply from Ministry of interior of Senegal is that they have given the authorisation to border police of Senegal for border crossing. The Guinea Bissau written clearance is subject to Senegalese written clearance. However, Guinea Bissau authorities assure that they will inform their border police about the movement of passengers.


Via Rosso


The Gambia

Via Karang


Documents necessary for passengers to carry as they cross the international land boundary into Senegal

Being yet ascertained from Government of Senegal.

Who all need to have Covid-19 Negative Test reports to be able to board the repatriation flight?

Embassy posed following queries as we sought clearance for the repatriation flight and entry via international land boundaries:

-documents that the passengers would need to possess, besides passport, as they cross the land-border,

 -any special document / rules applicable for facilitating overnight stay (thus transit of more than 24 hours) as is necessary for few passengers particularly those coming from Guinea Bissau,

-who all need to mandatorily possess Covid-19 negative test reports

-whether Covid-19 negative report would be mandatory even if the transit through Senegal is for under 24 hours

-whether Covid-19 negative report would be mandatory for all those taking the repatriation flight from Dakar to New Delhi


Ministry of Interior of Senegal telephonically informs that

-that passengers crossing international land boundaries into Senegal and staying in Senegal for more than 24 hours would need to possess Covid 19 negative test reports; and, those not staying overnight  and merely entering Senegal to catch the flight directly would not need  Covid 19 negative reports

-as to the regulations at the airport, the rules could be different

Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs (22 July 2020) that:

-all passengers, all the 140, must have Covid-19 negative test reports to be able to board the flight

-Embassy of India request for flight clearance has been sent by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to their Ministry of Transport. Ethiopian Airlines must apply for clearance directly also.

I am in The Gambia / Mauritania. Can I also take the repatriation flight?

Your international land boundary crossing into Senegal would be required. If your name was not there on the list that we sent to the Senegalese Foreign Office on 20 July 2020 at 11 AM yesterday, you would not be able to travel.

I have yet not registered on the online form. Can I take the flight now?

Yes provided you live in Senegal and provided Chartering Entity confirms there is space in the flight.

Can I take domestic flight immediately only arrival in New Delhi.

No. International passengers arriving at Delhi can't take domestic connecting flights without undertaking the mandatory quarantine at Delhi.

Where is the list of hotels where one can quarantine on arrival in Delhi?

Information as relevant in Mid June 2020 may be seen here. We will upload updated information once we have.

I do not have facility to scan my Undertaking and upload. What can I do?

Bring the original signed undertaking (signature as in the passport of the passenger, date of signature too is a must) and present at the time of check-in at the airport.

Those who can scan, must do so and upload as they register.


Repatriation Flight Status update webinar, 2 PM GMT, 21 July 2020


A webinar to provide status update of the repatriation flight is scheduled at 2 PM today

a.     Border crossing approval: Amb called on Director Protocol in the Senegalese Foreign Office today when he requested for early approval particularly  of the border crossings that begin on 22 July (Senegal Guinea Bissau border MPACK, at 4 PM GMT). We are yet to receive the approvals and would report once we have the approvals.

b.     Embassy needs to send to GoI Delhi, to request DGCA clearance

                                                  i.     the final passenger manifest

                                                 ii.     Flight Number

c.     The above in turn depends upon:

                                                  i.     Fare collection: Chartering entity informs that the collection of fare is still slow and that they are still way below the 95% passenger load necessary for the viability of the flight.

                                                 ii.     Air plane confirmation: Chartering Entity needs to pay chartering fee to the Aviation company to secure the plane.

d.     All those keen for the flight to become  viable are requested to meet their side the responsibility.

e.     Needless to mention, if the flight is found to be unviable, based on collection, the plans would need to be deferred.

f.      All stakeholders, including those who have confirmed their seats and others who are yet to do are invited to join the webinar.

Recording of above webinaar:

Above webinar was held as per schedule (at 2 PM, 21  July); recording is given here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/4636786078273315083

Useful information links

Compilation of useful information

Embassy of India


State wise quarantine regulation

M/O Civil Aviation


Standard Operating Procedure for Passenger Movement post Disembarkation



Coronavirus Passenger Advisory

Delhi Airport


Guidelines for International Travellers - (mandatorily to be followed)

MOHFW 24.5.20


Advisory : Travel and Visa restrictions related to Covid 19

BOI, M/O Home



Special Repatriation Flight Dakar > Mumbai/ Preliminary Proposal from CINDERELLA TRAVEL & TOURS (revised on 17 July 2020)


Chartering Entity


Fight schedule (tentative)

Note: There could be variation in the date/ timing of the final flight operation based on the approvals from various governments.



Airport name

25 jul 20

1800 Hrs (LT DAKAR)

 DAKAR (Blaise Diagne International Airport)

26 jul 20

0430 Hrs (LT ADDIS)

ADDIS ABABA ( Arrival )

26 jul 20

0630 Hrs (LT ADDIS)


26 jul 20

1330 Hrs ( LT INDIA )


Feeder vehicle schedule

·       All passengers to defray the cost of their movement till Dakar.

·       Those coming  from The Gambia would need to move out on 25 July 2020 at 0800 AM ( by Volvo Bus ) to arrive in Dakar 2.00 PM ( 25 July 2020)

·       Passengers joining in Dakar (whether to catch the repatriation flight or a commercial flight) from Guinea Bissau or Mauritania or The Gambia or other countries would need to upload their details here urgently (latest by 18 July) failing which they would not be able to cross into Senegal / take the repatriation flight. (The border from Guinea Bissau into Senegal crossing planned is on 22 July 2020 at 4 PM at MPACK).

·       Given Senegalese commercial airspace is opening on 15 July, there could be stranded Indians from connected nearby countries who too could join.

·       Passengers from Guinea Bissau can join either by road travel or by Cassamance-Dakar flight (it is understood that the flights out of Cassamance are fully booked).

·       All these feeder costs / expenditure towards arrival in Dakar to be borne by the passengers themselves.

Aviation company




Aircraft type

BOEING- 737-800

Chartering Fee


Number of seats


Number of Seats

Fare per seat in US$



1368 $



1789 $




Minimum passenger load

Above fare presumes 95 % passenger load.

If passengers fall under this, the flight becomes unviable and would be cancelled and all collection refunded.

The decision on this would be taken on 18 July 2020.

Travel of passengers from outside Senegal till Dakar (e.g. from Bissau, Banjul)

Country (where the pax is residing now)

Mode of travel

Fee charged from the passenger in USD

Details of the vehicle (e.g. if Bus then the exact type of the vehicle)



990 $ (Total Cost for the Transport of the 33 Passenger )

Volvo ( 33 Seater bus)

Flight confirmation

If the flight is cancelled due to the Insufficient load of the Passenger then the Ticket will be Refunded Fully

 Minimum 95 % load is needed

Refund policy for above

What would be the refund policy in case the passengers from other countries (e.g. The Gambia, Guinea Bissau) are unable to reach Dakar (the port of departure of the private charter)?


In this Case the Ticket will be non- Refundable.

Refund policy

If a passengers want to cancel his travel then the Ticket is non- Refundable ( except in case of Death of the Passenger )

Covid 19 refund policy

If a passenger has the Symptoms of the COVID-19 then his Ticket would be Refunded after Forfeiting 50 % of the ticket fee.

Allowed baggage

2 PC

Onboard meals, options and details

One Meal ( vegetarian )

Passenger manifest, sector wise

·       To collect passenger data as per GoI format, all passengers would be asked to first fill the data at the online form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdpE0SfCL9zSdXNpNN6JMn5HnaAz2kR6gh_j0HnoNTr_K-5Ow/viewform

·       Ticket fare would be collected only after they fill the form.

·       All fee collected by Cinderella would be immediately reflected by Cinderella at another online form as sent by the Embassy.

Bank details



The Gambia


Account name – Cinderella travel and tours

CBAO  bank Account.

Bank Code  =  SN 012

Guichet Code = 01201

cle' RIB =56

Account number  O36189302801

IBAN= SN08 SN012 01201 O36189302801 56




TEL = +221 33 849 96 96

Account name – Cinderella Travel and tours

Account  No. – 205305987110

BBAN No. – 005206305987011044


Address: 112 kairaba Avenue, Near-Fajara war cemetery, Banjul The-Gambia

Contact +220-2111334/335 E-mail:- cinderella.finance@ hotmail.com



ACCOUNT NO - 201000999778

IFSC CODE -  INDB0000707






Final Viability Assessment Discussion weinbar 19 Jul 12 Noon GMT

Based on the status report by Chartering Entity (M/s Cinderella Travel and Tours) during the following webinar, in the presence of all stakeholders, decision would be taken whether the flight is viable.


All stakeholders, including confirmed passengers as also prospective ones, are invited to join the webinar on 19 July 2020 at 1200 Hrs GMT Noon using the following link:




Most importantly, all interested passengers must register their final interest to travel at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdpE0SfCL9zSdXNpNN6JMn5HnaAz2kR6gh_j0HnoNTr_K-5Ow/viewform


Data at the above link, as at 6 PM GMT on 19 July 2020 would be used  to secure approvals of the give governments (viz India, Senegal, Guinea Bissau, The Gambia, Mauritania)


DGCA clearance proforma

Proforma for State Clearances for Inbound Flights



Details required


Mission’s remarks


Type of Flight (Amnesty /Charter /Cargo /Commercial)



(a) Airline

Ethiopian Airlines

(b) Flight No

Not yet Decided


Port of Origin



Port of Destination



Date and time of Arrival (IST)

26 Jul 2020 ( 1330 HRS IST)


Date and time of Departure (IST)

25 Jul 2020 ( 1800 HRS GMT = 2330 IST)


Total Pax No

140 ( Total number of seats )


Quarantine financial Responsibility (Company/ Individual Passenger):

 Individual Passenger


Domicile of Passengers (Homogeneous/mixed, if mixed, state wise numbers):

 Not yet


Flight Manifest along with domicile details

(to be provided two days before the flight)

 Will Provide it on expected Date


Is COVID-19 test being done before the departure (If yes, details thereof)/ Note: Desirable, Not compulsory



Additional Remarks (if any) 

 We will fill this form when

Detailed timeline (logically arranged, every next step presupposes completion of all the previous steps)




Preliminary proposal

14 Jul 20


Preliminary interest collection

14-15 July 20

Preliminary viability assessment

16 Jul 20

Total passenger interest hitherto is still around 100. Cinderella believes that there would be more joining once the flight is confirmed.

Proposal submitted to Embassy (only if the flight is found to be viable based on preliminary interest received)

16 July 20

(presented during webinar on 16 July 2020)

Final form / Collection of fare from passengers

16-18 July 20

Each passenger would be asked to fill online form before fare is collected

Flight viability confirmation

18July 20


Sending passenger list to Embassy for processing approvals (Governments need one week to respond after submission of the full proposal)

18 July 20

List would be sent

Payment to the Airline / Aviation Company

19 July 20


{If flight not viable due to shortage of passenger load, by when will the full refund be given to the passengers}

26 July 20

If The Flight operation is cancelled then within three Days refund Will be Processed

Arrival of the feeder passengers (from neighboring countries)

25July 20

( 6.00 AM )


Departure of flight

25July 20

( 8.00 AM )

 Time and Date can be changed According to the approvals

Refund to the passengers who due to developing Covid-19 symptoms at the last moment, can not travel)

25 July 20

If a passenger has the Symptoms of the COVID-19 then his Ticket would be Refunded after Forfeiting 50 % of the ticket fee.


We hereby confirm that

- We would follow all the relevant guidelines issued by the governments in their respective jurisdiction (e.g. of compulsory masks, hygiene and health etc) including those by Government of India.

- We will ensure that all the passengers who travel with us also follow all the relevant guidelines from the respective governments.

- We will charge the least possible airfare from the passengers (given that the flight has the humanitarian goal of repatriating stranded Indians.)

- We confirm that the return leg of the flight would be ferry / empty.

Signature, place and date


17 July 2020

Details of the signatory

Mr. Manmohan Singh Shekhawat

M.D. Cinderella Travel and Tours , West and Central Africa.

Contact Senegal - +221 781103636 / 775996969 - WhatsApp

Contact Gambia - +220 211 1118 / 211 1336 - WhatsApp




Webinar, 13 July 2020, 1600 Hrs GMT

A webinar was held with the following agenda:

·       IndianConstitution@70

·       Atmanirbhar Bharat

·       Stranded Indians

o   Hub and spoke model to return to India

o   Proposals from chartering entities to run private charter flight

·       Consular Open House

·       Photo-op: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/215900349

Recording of the webinar may be seen at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/2427230600663745026

Webinar, 14 July 2020, 1600 Hrs GMT

A webinar was held a above to discuss repatriation of stranded Indians.

Recording of the webinar may be seen at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/3187041513990692879

Webinar, 16 July 2020, 1900 Hrs GMT

A webinar will be held today at 7 PM GMT to discuss repatriation of stranded Indians.

Webinar link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2177537007618486287

After the webinar is over, all are invited to briefly login using https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/215900349  for  a quick photoop.

Fight against Covid-19


All background information / guidelines / private charter forms and format / recordings of webinars held may be seen at:



Special Flight 19/20 June (since operated)

One special flight Dakar > New Delhi on 19/20 June was successfully operated repatriating 140 stranded Indian nationals (details here: https://asp.embassyofindiadakar.gov.in/eoiaspHtml/VBMDakarDelhi.htm and

here https://asp.embassyofindiadakar.gov.in/eoiaspHtml/covid19srf.htm )


Next Special Flight (no plans yet)

There are no Special Repatriation Flights planned by Embassy of India in Dakar / GoI in the near future.


Hub and Spoke

For those Indian nationals who need to return to India, could wait for

·       opening of the commercial flights

·       emergence of viable hub-spoke model which would mean connecting via one of the transit points like Paris / Lisbon / London / Addis Ababa etc as and when possible. For this to work, following would be necessary:

o   There are VBM (Vande Bharat Mission) flights  / any special flights connecting India from any point (X) in Europe (e.g. Paris) / Africa (e.g. Addis, Nairobi) / Middle East (Bahrain, Oman etc) [The schedule of VBM Phase 4 flights are at https://mea.gov.in/phase-4.htm  ]

o   The   point X is itself connected by feeder flights (commercial / repatriation/ otherwise) from Senegal / The Gambia/ Guinea Bissau.

o   There are seats (as generally transit countries resist third country passengers transiting / staying in their countries beyond 24 hours)

o   Interested passenger once ascertains the viability, as above, via their travel agents and data at https://mea.gov.in/phase-4.htm, may write to Embassy with details (accts.dakar@mea.gov.in and amb.dakar@mea.gov.in). Embassy in Dakar would in turn check with our concerned Embassy (at X) if there are any seats available.


Some possible connections

For the benefit of stranded passengers, information collated by the Embassy is included below but is only for reference.


Connection via Dubai

1.     Dakar>Dubai Emirates weekly flight starting on 17 July.

2.     Emirates Airlines arrives Dubai Airport (Terminal 3) at 0735 hrs on 18.07.2020 and Air India express flight IX 1142 to New Delhi departs (Terminal 2) at 1005 hrs on 18.07.2020 hrs. Though there is a shuttle service between terminal 2 and terminal 3, transit period may be too short. Therefore it is suggested that the passengers may book for onward journey to Delhi on 19.07.2020 in IX 1142.

3.     There are also flights for Cochin (IX1434) and Trivandrum (IX 1540) on 18/19.07.2020. The passengers for these airports may book online if they wish so. In case the onward journey is decided to be taken on 19.07.2020, the passengers may book Dubai International Hotel at the Dubai Airport itself.

4.     Booking for Dakar>Dubai flights may be made directly with the travel agents. We understand tickets are available for 17th and 24th July.

5.     Booking for the Vande Bharat Mission flights  from Dubai > India are available online, at VBM , Air India Express. In case of any difficulty in booking the tickets online, the details of passengers (Name, Destination, valid email id, arrangements already made by them for the Dakar>Dubai sector, compelling reasons that they have to return to India) may be sent to accts.dakar@mea.gov.in to enable Embassy of India Dakar explore from its side too.

6.     Those keen to seek Embassy’s facilitation may

a.     Book their tickets for Dakar > Dubai  (see SN 4 above)

b.     Book their tickets for Dubai > India (see SN SN 5 above)

c.     Approach Embassy writing to accts.dakar@mea.gov.in in case of difficulty in the Dubai > India flights

d.     Book their transport arrangements (Place of residence) > Dakar {If this involves crossing of international border e.g Guinea Bissau > Senegal, please write to embassy amb.dakar@mea.gov.in with details}

7.     Passengers must download the COVID19-DXB Smart App as they arrive in Dubai.

8.     All travellers to Dubai, including passengers with a connecting flight, must complete this health declaration form, https://c.ekstatic.net/ecl/documents/dubai-health-declaration-form.pdf, and give it to the staff at check-in. This form will also be available at check-in.

9.     You will also need to complete the quarantine undertaking form https://c.ekstatic.net/ecl/documents/dubai-arrivals-quarantine-procedure-declaration-form-july.pdf given to you on board if Dubai is your final destination. Hand this form to the Dubai Health Authority staff on arrival.

10. No transit visa is required so long as the passenger has confirmed onward ticket (e.g. beyond Dubai to India) [This point, may, however, be further reconfirmed by the passengers directly from their travel agents / UAE authorities / their authentic website, given visas are sovereign issue and Embassy of India in Dakar can only share what we are told.]

Connection via Abidjan

·       Dakar>Abidjan flights by Air Cote d’Ivoire starting on 16 July.

·       There is likely a Special Repatriation Flight from Abidjan to Kochi, India on23 Jul 2020; details / confirmation / etc may be obtained directly from the Chartering Entity (M/s Satguru Travels & Tours Service: Vinod Aswani +225 42899364, Bishal Hazarika +225 41499958, Mukul Vidhani +225 41499942)

·       Satguru travel representative in Abidjan Shri Ramesh Kumar was asked to confirm:

o   Government of Ivory Coast rules and regulations (including of visa, Covid-19 Test, hotel stay etc) for transit of Indians from third countries (e.g. Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Gambia).

o   Air Cote d’Ivoire indication as to how many passengers does the flight need to run as per schedule without cancellation.

o   Price of the ticket Dakar>Abidjan

o   How many seats available on the special repatriation flight Abidjan>Kochi on 23 July

o   Mode of payment and purchase of a seat on the repatriation flight Abidjan>Kochi

Flights out of Banjul and Bissau

Not open yet.



·       Passengers before acting on these leads must directly confirm facts with various service providers to avoid inconvenience / financial loss.

·       Passengers must have in their possession a valid Covid-19 Negative Test report to be able to travel / transit.

·       Certificates must be issued no more than 96 hours before departure.

·       They may be subject to further PCR test on their arrival as well as at the time of departure at the airports.

·       Visa requirements would be as per the respective country’s rules and must be ascertained beforehand. [One useful source of information is at: https://www.visitdubai.com/en/travel-planning/travel-tools/visa-and-entry-information]

·       Passengers must get acquainted with transit requirements (at the transit points eg Dubai) and complete their transit formalities/documentation on their own. This should be ensured by the passengers before embarking.

·       Passengers are advised to have sufficient insurance cover and sufficient funds to cover cost of any eventuality during transit.

·       As the pandemic situation is changing on daily basis, Embassy will also not be responsible for any changes in local rules at source / transit / destination countries.




That being said, those still needing to return to India are welcome to register at the online google form  (which inter alia requires filling of an undertaking) keeping in mind the following:


-there are no plans yet for any second special flight

-2nd repatriation special flight,  if  at all, would have to be conceptualized, proposed and run by an interested Chartering Entity which could be any company with sizeable Indian workforce, travel / tour agencies, Indian association etc.

-data gathered via registration form is needed by interested Chartering Entities to assess viability of any flight. Based on this they would be able to make proposal to the Embassy for chartering a private flight to repatriate the stranded Indians.

-Embassy's role is limited to processing any proposal received from a chartering entity to obtain necessary approvals.

-All discussions about ticket fare, cancellation, refund etc would have to be directly between the Chartering Entity and the passengers


Proposals from Interesting Chartering Entities


Those keen to run the private charter are welcome to send their proposals using form at https://asp.embassyofindiadakar.gov.in/eoiaspHtml/charteringform.docx


Undertaking before boarding the Special Flight

(It is mandatory for each passenger to sign the following undertaking before boarding the special flight)

Undertaking cum Indemnity Bond

given to the Embassy of India, Dakar, Senegal

by each passenger boarding
repatriation flight (Private Charter non-scheduled commercial flight) 

(This form must be printed on a plain paper, signed, scanned and uploaded on the Google form collecting data from interested stranded Indians; original to be submitted at the time of check-in at the airport)


1.              I confirm my willingness to return to India by the captioned flight and undertake to abide by all instructions given by the officials of Government of India/ Embassy of India/ Aircraft Crew/ Medical Personnel on arrival including to:

a.     download Arogya Setu app on my mobile device;

b.     abide by Covid-19 health  / hygiene guidelines (of social distancing, wearing mask, environmental hygiene, respiratory hygiene, hand hygiene) through-out  (in buses / airports / in-flight / hotels etc).

2.              I also agree:

a.     to be quarantined in one of the facilities in Delhi, Delhi NCR or Haryana; or Bhiwadi or Chandigarh;

b.     to pay for my quarantine during the mandatory period of 14 days (7 days of paid institutional quarantine and 7 days of home quarantine;

c.     to not insist on returning to my state of domicile, (if quarantined in Delhi) before completing the mandatory period of quarantine; and,

d.     to return, after the quarantine period is over, to my state of domicile, making my own arrangements or through the arrangements facilitated by the Resident Commissioner/ nodal Officer of the concerned State.

3.              I fully understand that while travelling in the special chartered repatriation flight I may be inadvertently exposed to any infection, including COVID19 viruses, and having fully understood the risk to my person, I voluntarily give consent to travel to India in the special chartered repatriation flight.  I undertake and agree that neither I nor my heirs nor my executors nor administrators will hold responsible Union of India, any official of Union of India or staff or airline or  any my fellow passenger for any injury to me (including death) or loss of property due to any accidental exposure.

Signature with date)

Name: ……………………………………………

Passport Number: ……………………………………………

Mobile Number: ……………………………………………

Email: ……………………………………………….