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Government of India’s measures to drive the next phase of India’s economic growth: A PPT ( 5 MB) from Economic Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs 


India  Information  8/30/2019  URL 
ITEC Day Celebrations in Senegal,The Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Cabo Verde 


India  Webinar  9/1/2019  URL 


India  Information  7/21/2019  URL 
Resolute buys Senegal gold mine for $305m / Mining Weekly 


Senegal  Information  7/31/2019  URL 
Inaugural Address by Secretary(ER) at India-Africa Higher Education and Skills Development Summit 


India  Speeches  8/27/2019  URL 
Chamber of Commerce India Senegal (COCIS) - inaugural meeting 


Senegal  RoundTable  8/30/2019  URL 
Gandhi Global Solar Yatra (GGSL) 2019 


India  Webinar  8/26/2019  URL 
Indian Navy Ship Tarkash Calls on Dakar Port 


Senegal  Event  8/27/2019  URL 
10  New CPV (Consular Passport Visa) timings, forms, mode of application, service turn over, access to the appointment only on explicit appointment etc 


India  Information  8/21/2019  URL 
11  Independence Day Flag Hoisting Ceremony 


India  Event  8/15/2019  URL 
12  Simplified application procedure for ITEC scholarship 


India  Information  8/22/2019  URL 
13  Articles written by ITEC alumni 


India  Celebrations  9/1/2019  URL 
14  Remarks by Shri T.S. Tirumurti, Secretary (ER) at Africa Day round-table discussion in IDSA on : “India-Africa Partnership in a changing world” 


India  Speeches  5/29/2019  URL 
15  Remarks by Secretary (ER) on the Delhi Process V South South and triangular Cooperation: Exploring New Opportunities and New Partnerships Post-BAPA+40 in New Delhi 


India  Speeches  8/22/2019  URL 
16  India-Africa Partnership in a Changing Global Order: Priorities, Prospects and Challenges - Remarks by Secretary (ER) at ICWA National Conference (September 03, 2019) 


India  Speeches  9/3/2019  URL 
17  Recording of the webinar on 9 Sep 2019 / India-Senegal Develoopment Partnership / ITEC Day 2019 


Senegal  Recording  9/9/2019  URL 
18  English language course at EFLU for Guinea Bissau/ timelines and guidelines 


Guinea-Bissau  Information  9/10/2019  URL 
19  Recording of the webinar on 11 Sep 2019 / India-Guinea Bissau Develoopment Partnership / ITEC Day 2019 


Guinea-Bissau  Recording  9/11/2019  URL 
20  Recording of the webinar on 10 Sep 2019 / India-The GambiaDeveloopment Partnership / ITEC Day 2019 


The Gambia  Recording  9/10/2019  URL 
21  Auction of old store items of the Embassy - notice 


India  Information  9/13/2019  URL