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ID Title  Summary Country Type Ascending Date URL
2100  India-Senegale Trade and Economic Cooperation and building up of mutually beneficial linkages between Indian States and Senegalese Regions - Conference in the context of Republic Day celebrations, 31 January 2020 


Senegal  Conference  1/2/2020  URL 
3191  IDY2020/My Life – My Yoga Video Blogging Contest/ guidelines (for contestants) to participate/ page 5-8 in the .PDF attachment at the URL 


India  Conference  5/31/2020  URL 
1092  Trade fairs in Dakar, Senegal 


Senegal  Exhibition  11/29/2019  URL 
Chamber of Commerce India Senegal (COCIS) - inaugural meeting 


Senegal  RoundTable  8/30/2019  URL 
1073  Role of Constitution in Nation Building, Growth and Development, Seminar 26 November 2019 (updated: with recording of the webinar and list of registrants) 


India  Seminar  11/18/2019  URL 
57  India-Senegal Agricultural Cooperation/ Webinar/ Keynote address by authorized representatives of Minister of Agricultulre of Senegal / 30 Oct 2019 / 1000 Hrs GMT = 1530 Hrs IST 


Senegal  Webinar  10/30/2019  URL 
58  National Fiber-Hubs for Last mile connectivity project in The Gambia 


The Gambia  Webinar  11/1/2019  URL 
1078  India-Senegal Trade and Economic Relations - Market Surveys / webinar 28 Nov 2019 


Senegal  Webinar  11/22/2019  URL 
1079  India country booth as part of the closing day Cultural Extravaganza on 25 April 2020, webinar, 29 April 2019 


Senegal  Webinar  11/22/2019  URL 
1080  Study in India: an online Education fair (to promote higher studies in India), webinar, 5 Dec 2019 


India  Webinar  11/22/2019  URL 
43  Guru Nanak Jayanti 2019: 550th birth anniversary; stakeholders discussions on preparations for the celebrations 


India  Webinar  10/7/2019  URL 
44  Supply of solar equipment by Barefoot College to 9 women in Senegal, The Gambia and Guinea Bissau 


India  Webinar  10/9/2019  URL 
67  Webinar registrations / India-Senegal agricultural cooperation, 30 Oct 2019, 1000 Hrs 


Senegal  Webinar  10/30/2019  URL 
Gandhi Global Solar Yatra (GGSL) 2019 


India  Webinar  8/26/2019  URL 
ITEC Day Celebrations in Senegal,The Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Cabo Verde 


India  Webinar  9/1/2019  URL 
25  Project/ Independent Cold Storage Systems for Collection & Distribution of Fish, Fruits & Vegetables in the Republic of Senegal - webinar for stakeholders discussion 


Senegal  Webinar  11/25/2019  URL 
1088  Territorial gov. and development for 500 local authorities in Senegal: proposed LoC project / export opportunities for Indian ICT companies, Webinar on 2 December 2019 


Senegal  Webinar  11/27/2019  URL 
1089  Opportunities in 2 Wheeler and 3 Wheeler market in Senegal, Webinar on 13 Dec 2019 


Senegal  Webinar  11/27/2019  URL 
1095  Indian Constitution: Fundamental Duties/ Webinar on 10 December 2019, at 1100 Hrs GMT = 1630 Hrs IST / 


India  Webinar  12/6/2019  URL 
1096  Study in India: an online Education fair (to promote higher studies in India)/ rescheduled webinar on 12 December 2019 at 1500 Hrs GMT = 2030 Hrs IST/ 


India  Webinar  12/6/2019  URL