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ID Title Country Type Date URL
52  Market Survey on opportunities in Autmotive sector in Senegal, February 2017  Senegal  Information  2/1/2017  URL 
51  Auction of old stores by the Embassy of India in Senegal  India  Information  10/20/2019  URL 
50  Indians in The Gambia celebrate Pinkathon Day on 20 Oct 2019  The Gambia  Information  10/20/2019  URL 
49  Old archives from the Embassy website  India  Information  10/20/2019  URL 
48  India Book Day 24 / 25 / 26 Oct 2019 1400-1700 Hrs  India  Information  10/20/2019  URL 
47  ITEC documentary at low resolution for social media etc  India  Information  10/9/2019  URL 
46  ITEC documentary at high resolution for screening  India  Information  10/9/2019  URL 
45  ITEC Day Celebrations 2019 Logo (500 KB approx)  India  Information  10/9/2019  URL 
44  Supply of solar equipment by Barefoot College to 9 women in Senegal, The Gambia and Guinea Bissau  India  Webinar  10/9/2019  URL 
43  Guru Nanak Jayanti 2019: 550th birth anniversary; stakeholders discussions on preparations for the celebrations  India  Webinar  10/7/2019  URL 
42  "World of Mahatma Gandhi" / International Painting Competition  India  Contests  10/2/2019  URL 
41  Gandhi@150: Essay / Drawing / Sketches / Vaishnawa Jana To contest / entries  India  Contests  10/2/2019  URL 
40  List of all your RSVPs for various events organized by the Embassy  India  Information  9/28/2019  URL 
39  Guidelines to gain access to the venue of Daily Yoga classes at Institut Sénégalo-Britannique d'Enseignement de l'Anglais, Dakar, Senegal  Senegal  Information  9/28/2019  URL 
38  Daily Yoga classes at Institut Sénégalo-Britannique d'Enseignement de l'Anglais, Dakar, Senegal  Senegal  Event  9/28/2019  URL 
37  India-Cape Verde Joint Statement on the official visit of H.E. Mr. Jose Brito, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Communities, Republic of Cape Verde, 20 November 2009  Cabo Verde  Information  11/20/2009  URL 
36  India - Cabo Verde bilateral relations  Cabo Verde  Information  9/25/2019  URL 
35  India - The Gambia bilateral relations  The Gambia  Information  9/24/2019  URL 
34  India - Senegal bilateral relations  Senegal  Information  9/24/2019  URL 
33  India - Guinea Bissau bilateral relations  Guinea-Bissau  Information  9/25/2019  URL 

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