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ID Title  Summary Country Type Date URL
6337  AmritMahotsav September 2021: Various platforms from India for Development Partnership 


Senegal  Information  9/16/2021  URL 
6336  Senegal: Investment climate / copy of the presentation made by APIX Representative Mr Moustapha Diop 


Senegal  Information  9/7/2021  URL 
6335  Senegal: Tax Code (from APIX) 


Senegal  Information  9/7/2021  URL 
6334  Senegal: Investment Code (from APIX) 


Senegal  Information  9/7/2021  URL 
6333  Senegal: an opportunity to invest in high priority sectors- presentation by APIX, the Investment Promotion Agency of Senegal, on project exports and investment opportunities in Senegal 


Senegal  Recording  9/7/2021  URL 
6332  Death of Indians abroad: Suo motu disclosure of information, as mandated under RTI 


India  Information  9/2/2021  URL 
6331  PM Modi's Man ki Baat/Major Dhyanchand,Olympics, Janmashtami, Indore’s ‘Water Plus City’ initiative, popularising Sanskrit, tribute to Bhagwaan Vishwakarma, skilled manpower/ 29 Aug 2021 


India  Speeches  8/29/2021  URL 
6330  Interview of Ambassador Godavarthi Venkata Srinivas to Le Soleil, on 26 January 2021 


Senegal  Information  1/26/2021  URL 
6329  Detailed answers from Ambassador Godavarthi Venkata Srinivas to media interview queries on India-Senegal bilateral relations, in the context of #RepublicDay2021, 26 January 2021: 


Senegal  Information  1/26/2021  URL 
6328  DJ Mass Sey of West Coast Radio Gambia interviews on 30 Aug 2020 High Comm Godavarthi V Srinivas on India's successful fight against Covid19, medicine donation, bilateral cooperation including trade, projects, training, education, scholarships, culture. 


The Gambia  Information  8/30/2020  URL 
6327  Press Release/ India-Guinea Bissau Bilateral Meeting / Visit of Secretary (Economic Relations) Shri Rahul Chhabra to Guinea Bissau on 5 & 6 July 2021 


Guinea-Bissau  Information  7/7/2021  URL 
6326  Bollywood and Africa: A Love Story 


Senegal  Information  12/6/2011  URL 
6325  Senegal/ Bollywood/ Never Say No to Bollywood in Senegal - Manish Chand 


Senegal  Information  2/13/2011  URL 
6324  Africa/ Agropole/ AfDB/ Concept Note: Workshop on the Role of Agropoles and Agro-Processing
Zones (APZ) in Feeding & Industrializing Africa 


Senegal  Information  3/23/2016  URL 
6323  Africa/ Agropole/ AfDB, WB/Investing in Agropole and Agro-processing Zones 


Senegal  Information  3/23/2016  URL 
6322  Senegal/Agropole/ AfDB report:South Agro-Industrial Processing Zone Project (PZTA-SUD) or Agropole Sud - Project Appraisal Report 


Senegal  Information  1/9/2020  URL 
6321  Senegal/Agropole/ AfDB report: Senegal - The South Agro-Industrial Processing Zone Project (PZTA-Sud, or Agropole Sud) 


Senegal  Information  1/9/2020  URL 
6320  Senegal/ Creation of 3 integrated agropoles 


Senegal  Information  6/14/2021  URL 
6319  Senegal/ PSE (Plan Senegal Emergent): Creation of three integrated agropoles 


Senegal  Information  6/14/2021  URL 
5319  IDY2021/Documentaries/Yoga: Harmony with Nature, Yoga: Aligning to the Source, and, Yoga for the World 


India  Information  6/7/2021  URL