List of AFaqs
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Emails  Can anyone withhold my passport?  Only passport authority is empowered under the passport act to impound a passport. It is unlawful for anyone except the authorities to take unjustified or unconsented possession or custody of another person’s passport. Your travel agent holding your passport to get a visa for you is a justified and lawful situation. Your loanshark holding it as a loan collateral isn’t, even if you consent. The passport issued to you is functionally your legal personal property. If anyone has taken possession of your passport (expired or not) without your consent or approval, it will almost always be an unlawful matter.   URL
Emails  Can I not come directly to the Embassy to apply for visa, passport or consular services?  No. For the ease of applicants, we first seek email application. Once the applicant hears our response post pre-procssing, asking them to come to the Embassy, then only the applicant must come to the Embassy with all the relevant original documents. Complete procedure that is very simplified is at URL.   URL
Interactions  Leveraging low interest rate for Euro funding, why does Exim Bank of India not offer Lines of Credit (LoC) or Buyer’s Credit in Euros?  We are aware that there is a strong demand for the Buyers Credit in Euros, especially in the Western African/Francophone region as the local currency is pegged to Euro. Additionally, currently Euribor is found to be much more attractive as compared to USD Libor.

However, challenges faced are as under: The facility provided under Buyer’s Credit program is usually long term in nature (approx. 12-15 years). The Bank too needs to raise resources from Overseas Markets and access to funds in EUROS is available only for shorter tenors (1-5 years). There is no active market for longer tenor funds in Euros.

That said, EURO funding can be explored under pure supply contracts, wherein the tenor is also usually 5-7 years and the where the borrower is agreeable to bear any cost arising from unforeseen circumstances (e.g. negative carrying cost, maintaining DSRA etc.) 
visa, passport  1. I have note verbale to facilitate my visa. Can I directly come to the Embassy and everything (including guidance, form filling, visa waiver) etc will be facilitated?

2. I have all the documents. Can I come to the Embassy to fill the form? 

You need to meticulously follow the guidelines as at URL in the next column lest you waste time and energy in coming all the way to the Embassy prematurely.

Special mention is to be made in respect of application forms: All categories of applicants, without any exception, need to fill online forms first. Arriving at the Embassy without this would lead to waste of precious time and resources of the applicant.

Gratis visa is admissible only in respect of diplomatic / official passport holders and only for official visits.

The request for gratis visa, if applicable, has to be explicitly included in the Note Verbale.

EVISA: Please note that India extends E-Visa (Electronic Visa) facility to the nationals of all the countries of our accreditation (Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Cabo Verde). The E-Visa is avialable for all categories of visist including tourism, business, conference, entry, medical, employment, student, etc. Those needing to pay fee may use the available online channels whether of their own or with the help of an acquaintance / friend.

The URL for e-Visa is 
Visa  Can I not get my visa online?  Yes you can.

In fact, applicants would save a lot of hassle in coming all the way to the Embassy in case they use the eVisa facility.

India extends E-Visa (Electronic Visa) facility to the nationals of all the countries of our accreditation (Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau) and Cabo Verde. The E-Visa is avialable for all categories of visist including tourism, business, conference, entry, medical, employment, student, etc. Those needing to pay fee may use the available online channels whether of their own or with the help of an acquaintance / friend. 
1004  Culture  I sent my youtube link / photo / essay for contest entry, however it has not been uploaded. Why?  You must make sure you send your entries only using your registered email address.

To register your email address, if not done already, please use the URL in the next column. 
1005  emails / telephones  I have been duped by an agent. I am in distress. I want Embassy to help with my air ticket. Etc.  All applications with financial implication on the public exchequer require detailed self-contained, comprehensive request by email to All details, contacts, names and references pertinent to the issue / case must be clearly included. Any lose ends would delay the processing. Whatsapp / telephones channels are only for genuine humanitarian situations (the contact numbers marked in red in URL in the next column are for these cases in distress).   URL
1006  Covid-19  1) What are the contact details of Covid-19 related information, Control Room? 2) Are there any repatriation services for Indians in Senegal, The Gambia, Cabo Verde or Guinea Bissau?  1) MoFW (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) website in the next column; and, its 24x7 helpline numbers given below:
1075 (toll free)
+91 11 2397 8046

Ministry of External Affairs control room details are: COVID-19 Control Room, Situation Room, Room No. 31, Ground Floor, South Block
1800118797 (toll free), +91- 011- 23012113, +91- 011- 23014104, +91- 011- 23017905, Fax: +91- 011- 23018158

Further there is a helpdesk number from MyGov
+91 90931 51515

2) No, no such repatriation services are contemplated. People should stay put wherever they are and must conform to the guidelines issued by local authorities and follow the advice from authentic sources (i.e. from WHO, GoI and Governments of the countries of their residence / present stay). 
1007  Covid-19  What are the advisories from Government of India? Can an Indian from Dakar go to India?  Following are illustrative and not comprehensive regulations and prepared only for convenience; all may refer to original regulations at the URL in the next column:

Please do not follow rumours. Trust only official communication / advisory. (Please see visit URL in next column)

As on 18 March 2020, no bar on travel by Indians back to India though many countries (including Senegal, Cabo Verde and Guinea Bissau) have suspended many flights. Things are evolving and all must rely on authentic informtion. Indian advisories are at the link in next column.

19 March 2020 / Bureau of Immigration, Government of India: Any passenger who has been to European Union, European Free Trade Association, Turkey, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Philippines and Malaysia on or after 15 February 2020, isprohibited from entering India, from any of the Land/Air/Seaport ICPs with effect from 1200 hrs GMT on 18 March 2020 at the port of first departure. No airline will take on board such passengers from any destination to India.

19 March 2020/ Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India: Indian airspace for commercial flights banned from 22 March2020. 
1008  Covid-19-The Gambia  Gambia Covid-19 related information  One could visit Ministry of Health Gambia website at
as also their Facebook page (link given in next column). Some useful compilation is given below but only for reference:

13 March: Gambia bans overseas travels by its public officials, wef 13 March 2020.

19 March: Gambia suspends flights from thirteen (13) countries with immediate effect until further notice; the countries are: The United Kingdom, Spain, France, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Belgium and Portugal.”
Further, individuals (Gambian & Non Gambian) travelling from 47 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas to The Gambia will undergo mandatory quarantine for 14 days. This decision will be reviewed regularly and the public will be informed accordingly. The forty-seven countries are as follows:
Asian and Pacific Region
1. China 2. Republic of Korea 3. Japan 4. Malaysia 5. Australia 6. Singapore 7. Philippines 8. Indonesia 9. Thailand 10. India
European Region
11. Italy 12. Spain 13. France 14. Germany 15. Switzerland 16. The United Kingdom 17. Netherlands 18. Norway 19. Austria 20. Belgium 21. Sweden 22. Denmark 23. Czech 24. Greece 25. Portugal 26. Israel 27. Finland 28. Slovenia 29. Ireland 30. Estonia 31. Iceland 32. Romania 33. Poland 34. San Marino
Eastern Mediterranean Region
35. Islamic Republic of Iran 36. Qatar 37. Bahrain 38. Pakistan 39. Egypt 40. Saudi Arabia 41. Kuwait 42. Iraq 43. Lebanon
44. United States of America 45. Canada 46. Brazil 47. Chile

21 March: Gambia closes its border with Senegal and all international flights for 21 days beginning midnight 23 March 2020; only permitted flights are medical cargo flights.

27 March: During his second address on Covid19, delivered on 27 March, President Barrow declared a state of public emergency throughout The Gambia. Under this with effect from 27th March 2020: 1) All non-essential food outlets in all markets and enclosed shopping areas shall be closed. 2) All non-essential public places, such as bars, cafeterias, cinemas, video clubs, gymnasiums, museums, night clubs, public swimming pools, events halls, casinos, gaming parlours and sporting venues shall be closed. 3). All public places of worship shall be closed. 4). The number of people attending any social gathering, such as weddings, naming ceremonies and funerals shall be restricted to a maximum of ten people. 5). All public transport shall carry half of the total number of passengers they are allowed to transport by law. 6) Prices of all essential commodities will be frozen and any form of hoarding would be curbed. 7) Government work would be scaled down and only minimal staff would be called to perform basic services. Rest of the staff to work from home wherever feasible. [Note: Essential services will, however, continue, and include those provided by banks, petrol stations, traders and vendors in food and basic commodities in the markets, supermarkets and corner-shops. All these services must be rendered in accordance with the WHO recommended social distancing guidelines.] 
1009  Covid-19  Corona related spyware  There are reports about suspicious malware. These are typically .exe attachments. Broad cyber discipline must be followed and the bottomline is do not open an attachment from an unknown source.The United Kingdom, Spain, France, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Belgium
and Portugal. 
1010  Covid-19-Senegal  What are the Covid-19 related orders from Government of Senegal?  Kindly consult Senegalese authorities. Link to Ministry of Health website is in next colum. Given below, however, for reference only is a compilation of some important circulars / news that we learnt of (please ensure you get this part reconfirmed by consulting the appropriate Senegalese authorities):

17 March 2020: From 18 March 2020 and for a period of 30 days, flights from 7 European and North African countries viz France, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Algeria and Tunisia (Morcoco has already suspended flights to Senegal). Cargo and medical flights will be exempt.

19 March 2020: From 20 March 2020 11:59 pm, all flights to and from Senegal's airports suspended with the exception of domestic flights between AIBD and Ziguinchor, cargo flights, medical evacuations and authorized special flights. 
1011  Covid-19  Emergency helpline numbers for Indian nationals, from Embassy of India in Dakar, Senegal (also concurrently accredited to Guinea Bissau, Cabo Verde, The Gambia)  All the helpline contacts are given below. It would be suggested one sends self-contained WhatsApp message to the numbers given below (viz +221 776 393 010, +221 775 295 091; +221 773 687 114; +46 76 963 58 17; best would be that those needing emergency assistance make a WhatsApp group using these numbers and send a self contained message there. If they do not get a response in time, they can call any of the numbers to alert about the message)

Mr. G V Srinivas
Mobile/ Whatsapp: +221 776 393 010

Mr. Rajesh Khanna
Attache (CPV)
Mob / Whatsapp: +221 775 295 091; +221 773 687 114

Mr. Harender Singh Rawat
Mobile: +221 784 655 017
Whatsapp: +46 76 963 58 17

(above are also listed in red at the URL in the next column) 
1012  Covid-19  Is there any compilation of URLs pertaining to important information on COVID  Please see the link in the next column. You would find there inter alia addresses to the nation delivered by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.   URL
1013  Covid-19 Cabo Verde  What are the rules and orders issued by Cabo Verde?  Given below for reference only is a compilation of some important circulars / news that we learnt of (please ensure you get this part reconfirmed by consulting the appropriate Cabo Verde authorities):

17 March: Wef March 18, 2020, the Government of Cabo Verde suspends commercial passenger flights in and out of Cabo Verde from Europe, USA, Brazil, Senegal and Nigeria, with limited exceptions for citizens returning home from Cabo Verde and for medical emergencies. In addition, passengers on board cruise ships and sailboats will not be allowed to disembark. These provisions are applicable for three weeks.

19 March: Cabo Verde registers its first COVID-19 positive case; a 62 year old British tourist. He had entered Boa Vista island of Cabo Verde on March 9 and on the 16th started a respiratory condition, with cough and fever. 
1014  Covid-19GuineaBissau  What are the rules and orders issued by Guinea Bissau?  Given below for reference only is a compilation of some important circulars / news that we learnt of (please ensure you get this part reconfirmed by consulting the appropriate Guinea Bissau authorities):

17 March: Closure of borders and a ban on flights landing at Bissau airport wef 18 March 2020. Also markets, schools, places of worship and leisure are closed.

26 March 2020: Guinea Bissaau Ministry of Interior imposed a series of social confinement measures, limiting the circulation of people and vehicles on public roads. Circulation of any form of public transport is prohibited. Private cars can drive as long as they carry no more than three people. Exemptions include: relaxtion period 7-11 AM; circulation for purchases and sales of essential products; and, movement of people from certain professional categories namely journalists, members of the defense and security forces, health, operators of fuel pumps, pharmacies, banks, commerce and finance, and duly authorized (by Minister of Interior) judicial officials.

27 March 2020: President Umaro Sissoco Embalo declared on 27 March 2020 by presidential decree "a state of emergency across the national territory" from midnight on Saturday March 28. Under the decree, the state of emergency will last 15 days. The decree bans, during this period, all meetings and gatherings including religious, movement of people from region to region, mandates quarantine of 14 days of those showing Covid19 symptoms. 
1015  Visa Senegal  Do Indians need visa to visit Senegal?  As per the information on the website of Embassy of Senegal in India (please see URL in next column), Indian citizens who hold valid Indian passports can travel and stay to Senegal without visa for 90 days (three months).   URL